PORSI “WARRIORS” 2015: Pekan Olahraga dan Aksinya anak Untar

Badan Eksekutif Mahasiswa Fakultas Ekonomi akan mengadakan PORSI (Pekan Olahraga dan Aksi) 2015 dengan tema WARRIORS “Willing, Able and Ready to oveRcome Indefinite Obstacles to Reach unxpected to goalS.” pada tanggal 11-26 November 2015 di Lapangan Olahraga Lt. 8 Blok D Kampus II Universitas Tarumanagara.


BEM FE UNTAR presents PORSI (Pekan Olahraga dan Aksi) 3X3 BASKETBALL COMPETITION 2015 WARRIORS “Willing, Able, and Ready to oveRcome Indefinite Obstacles to Reach unexpected goalS” in November!!
Requirements :
• Copy of KM/KTP (1)
• Photo 3 x 4 (2)
• Max club division 2
• Non national basketball player
• NBL player retired min 2 year
Registration fee :
For Boys
– FE UNTAR : 100.000
– UNTAR : 105.000
– Others(umum) : 110.000
For Girls
– Umum : 100.000
Prize :
1st : 2.000.000
2nd : 1.700.000
3th : 1.250.000
1st: 1.100.000
2nd: 850.000
3th : 600.000
*1 team max 4 players
“Don’t run away from challenges but RUN OVER THEM” so what are you waiting for? REGISTER NOW!! shut them up with your incredible PLAY and show them who is the REAL CHAMPION ON THE COURT!
Contact Person & More Info :
Stefanie | line : stefanieanyed | 08971288322
Weselly Pratama | line: wesellyp | 085263477650
Selain itu akan diadakan juga Sponsor Exhibition pada tanggal 16-18 November di Lapangan Parkir Kampus II Universitas Tarumanagara.

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