Stweetball Present: 6th Anniversary “Suit & Tie Party”


Stweetball Present: 6th Anniversary “Suit & Tie Party”

Wear your best “Suit & Tie” outfit to be Mr.& Mrs. Stweetball.

There will be prizes from our sponsors (@sinoukaffee , @flodistro , @league_world , @bakerzinjkt , @ngobrolbasket ) .

Also, don’t forget to bring your namecard, cuz there gonna be a DOPE doorprize!

And be the first person to hear our STWEETBALL Jingle!

So, what you waiting for?
Come and enjoy our 6th birthday party @sinoukaffee !

See you all!

PS: No drink and meals from outside ^_^

#MondayStweetball #SweetballIndonesia #Stweetball6thAnniversary

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